About Me



Hello again,

My name is Sulistyaningsih Rusydi. “Rusydi” is my last name that I’ve got since 2002 from my dearly Husband: Andrivo Rusydi. Meanwhile, “WayanLessy” is my childhood name that I almost always use when my signature is informally needed. As if my name could speak for me, its clearly telling you my root which is a half Balinese and half Javanese: Indonesian.

I’m a simply house-wife whose life is filled with the complicated joy of inventing new ways of sensing and enjoying the path of life. Currently, I’m living in Hamburg due to my Husband’s work at this pretty hanseatic city.

About this Blog:

Most of the postings here will be about my words and opinions or might even just about my imagination around things concerning International Law and other matters.

3 responses to “About Me

  1. Hopefuly this blog still alive…since the owner is busy in another place called MP.

    I have been following you from blog to blog… I am impressed of who you are. Especially your opinion and the atmosphere I catched in related to the response to any situation. Also your posting of photographs…!!!

    Please send my regards to Professor….. Do you live in SIngapore now?

    I probably will send my (only child) daughter to Singapore or Malaysia for study soon as she pass from high school.

    If you don’t mind please visit my blog in MP czechnya.m…… etc.

  2. nasibnya multiply dulu terus gimana ya?

  3. Nice to find you here, Mbak Lessy:)

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