This is my first posting under “Land-locked” category.

What does Land-locked mean here? and why it interests me?

Here, I would like to present the general description of land-locked States and why I found this topic interesting.

Later, I would write about “the right of access to foreign ports for land-locked States”. Here, I would also examine how the land-locked State obtain this right, the legal base for this right, the necessity of this right for land-locked States in order to exercise their right over the sea, and the approach to the coastal State whose port is going to be accessed….etc etc..

Hmm…How about that, so far? 😀

This land-locked matter is quite interesting isn’t it?

When do you think it is, I’d be pleased if you bother to read my next posting under this category.

Wish you enjoy the reading!

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Hello Readers

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